2017 – 2018

Fixtures and Results

29th SeptemberMens 3HomeRolls Royce 33A4-5
4th OctoberMixed 3HomeCarlton 22A2-7
4th OctoberMixed 2HomeCarlton 32A7-2
6th OctoberMixed 2HomeChillwell 22A9-0
11th OctoberLadies 2AwaySouthwell35-4
13th OctoberMixed 1HomeForest 318-1
20th OctoberLadies 1HomeChilwell 116-3
25th OctoberMixed 2AwayMapperley Park 32A8-1
27th OctoberMixed 4HomeBoots 34B2-7
28th OctoberMixed 2AwayCrusader 12A8-1
30th OctoberMixed 1AwayByron15-4
2nd NovemberMixed 1AwayForest 213-6
3rd NovemberMens 2HomeBeeston Fields 33B5-4
10th NovemberMixed 3HomeBingham 22ATo be rearranged
12th NovemberMens 3AwaySt Giles 33A4-5
17th NovemberMens 1HomeMapperley Park 215-4
19th NovemberMixed 4AwayRedhill 24B6-3
22nd NovemberCarlton 1HomeRound 1 - BryonKnock-Out Cup6-3
24th NovemberMens 1AwayBeeston Fields 219-0
24th NovemberLadies 1HomeMapperley Park 21To be rearranged
26th NovemberMens 2AwayBoots 33B7-2
1st DecemberMens 1HomeSt Giles 116-3
1st DecemberCarlton 2AwayRound 1 - Beeston Fields 1Knock-Out Cup1-8
8th DecemberMixed 4HomeSt Giles 44B6-3
10th DecemberLadies 2AwayNottingham Uni Students3To be rearranged
11th DecemberMens 3AwayBeeston Valley 13A3-6
12th DecemberMens 2AwayUnity3B4-5
18th DecemberMens 1AwayNaseeb 116-3
3rd JanuaryMixed 1AwayBingham 316-3
5th JanuaryMixed 3AwayChillwell 22A5-4
5th JanuaryMixed 4HomeSafari 24B9-0
7th JanuaryMixed 4AwaySt Giles 44B7-2
10th JanuaryLadies 1HomeMansfield Oaktree14-5
12th JanuaryMens 2HomeForest 43B6-3
15th JanuaryLadies 1AwayBeeston Valley17-2
19th JanuaryMixed 3HomeMapperley Park 32A5-4
24th JanuaryLadies 2HomeSt Giles 238 -1
26th JanuaryMixed 1HomeMapperley Park 114-5
31st JanuaryMens 3HomeRedhill 13A6-3
2nd FebruaryLadies 2HomeTrent University39-0
4th FebruaryMens 2AwayEast Leake 23B7-2
4th FebruaryMixed 3AwayBoots 12A4-5
7th FebruaryMixed 1AwayMapperley Park 214-5
8th FebruaryMens 3AwayWoodborough 13A7-2
9th FebruaryMens 1HomeByron 118-1
11th FebruaryCarlton 1AwayRound 2 - BootsKnock-Out Cup7-2
16th FebruaryLadies 2HomeNottingham Uni Students39-0
18th FebruaryMens 1AwaySouthwell 11
23rd FebruaryMixed 2HomeBoots 12A
25th FebruaryLadies 2AwayRedhill3
28th FebruaryMens 3HomeDavid Lloyd Aspley 13A
2nd MarchLadies 1HomeBeeston Fields1
8th MarchMixed 1HomeMansfield Oaktree1
9th MarchMixed 4HomeRedhill 24B
11th MarchMixed 4AwayBoots 34B
14th MarchMens 1AwayBingham 21
16th MarchMens 2HomeBeeston Valley 33B
21st MarchLadies 1AwayBingham 31
23rd MarchMixed 3HomeCrusader 12A
25th MarchMixed 4AwaySafari 24B
28th MarchMixed 2AwayBingham 42A
To Be ConfirmedCarlton 1AwayQF - ArboretumKnock-Out Cup