Men’s Third

After a surprise Promotion from Division 4B to Division 3A, Men’s Third just managed to consolidate their place in Division 3A.

Next season Men’s Third will be looking to consolidate their place in Division 3A.

Final League Table 2017/18

17-18 Mens 3

Results and Fixtures 2017/2018

29th SeptemberMens 3HomeRolls Royce 33A4-5
12th NovemberMens 3AwaySt Giles 33A4-5
11th DecemberMens 3AwayBeeston Valley 13A3-6
31st JanuaryMens 3HomeRedhill 13A6-3
8th FebruaryMens 3AwayWoodborough 13A7-2
28th FebruaryMens 3HomeDavid Lloyd Aspley 13A3-6

Final League Table 2016/17

16-17 Mens 3

Results and Fixtures 2016/2017

23rd OctoberMens 3AwaySt Giles 44B9-0
4th NovemberMens 3AwayBeeston Fields 34B3-6
18th NovemberMens 3HomeArboretum 14B5-4
20th JanuaryMens 3HomeRushcliffe Arena 24B9-0
22nd FebruaryMens 3HomeForest 44B3-6
17th MarchMens 3HomeEast Leake 24B5-4

Results and Fixtures 2015/2016

15th October 2015ThursdayAwayWoodborough4BW 7-2
13th November 2015FridayHomeRushcliffe Arena 24BL 4-5
5th January 2016TuesdayAwayUnity 24BL 1-8
15th January 2016FridayHomeEast Leake 34BW 8-1
12th February 2016FridayAwayChilwell 24BL 0-9
11th March 2016FridayHomeArboretum 14BW 6-3

Results 2014/2015

6th October 2014Mens 3APhoenixwood 14BW 7-2
31st October 2014Mens 3HBeeston Valley 24BL 4-5
26th November 2014Mens 3AEast Leake 34BL 2-7
9th January 2015Mens 3HSt Giles 24BL 4-5
6th February 2015Mens 3ARuchcliffe Arena 14BL 0-9