Mixed First

Mixed First have had continued to be a strong contender in Division 1, as they finish 3rd for the second consecutive season.

Next Season Mixed First will again be looking forward to challenging for promotion while enjoying and playing great badminton!

Results and Fixtures 2021/2022

10th DecemberFridayMixed 1HForest 219:003-6
17th DecemberFridayMixed 1HBeeston Fields 219:000-9
26th JanuaryWednesdayMixed 1ABingham 419:009-0
14th MarchMondayMixed 1AMapperley Park 219:005-4
22nd AprilFridayMixed 1HBingham 319:009-0

Results and Fixtures 2019/2020

25th OctoberFridayMixed 1HBingham 37pm7-2
18th NovemberMondayMixed 1AMapperley Park 17pm4-5
13th DecemberFridayMixed 1HMapperley Park 27pm6-3
15th JanuaryWednesdayMixed 1ABingham 47pm7-2
21st FebruaryFridayMixed 1HForest 37pm6-3
12th MarchThursdayMixed 1AForest 27pm4-5

Final League Table 2018/19

18-19 Mixed 1 and 2

Results and Fixtures 2018/2019

5th OctoberFridayHomeMixed 1Carlton 217-2
9th NovemberFridayAwayMixed 1Beeston Fields 315-4
30th NovemberFridayHomeMixed 1Mapperley Park 216-3
9th JanuaryWednesdayAwayMixed 1Mansfield Oaktree13-6
15th MarchFridayHomeMixed 1Beeston Fields 213-6
22nd MarchFridayHomeMixed 1Forest 316-3

Final League Table 2017/18

17-18 Mixed 1

Results and Fixtures 2017/2018

13th OctoberMixed 1HomeForest 318-1
30th OctoberMixed 1AwayByron15-4
2nd NovemberMixed 1AwayForest 213-6
3rd JanuaryMixed 1AwayBingham 316-3
26th JanuaryMixed 1HomeMapperley Park 114-5
7th FebruaryMixed 1AwayMapperley Park 214-5
8th MarchMixed 1HomeMansfield Oaktree16-3

Final League Table 2016/17

16-17 Mixed 1

Results and Fixtures 2016/2017

11th NovemberMixed 1HomeForest 312-7
13th NovemberMixed 1AwayByron 113-6
9th DecemberMixed 1AwayBeeston Fields 211-8
13th JanuaryMixed 1HomeSt. Giles 115-4
10th FebruaryMixed 1AwayUniversity 316-3
10th MarchMixed 1HomeUniversity 211-8
20th MarchMixed 1AwayMapperley Park 113-6

Results and Fixtures 2015/2016

8th October 2015ThursdayAwayForest 21L 4-5
6th November 2015FridayHomeMapperley Park 11L 0-9
2nd December 2015WednesdayAwayBingham 31W 6-3
9th December 2015WednesdayHomeUniversity 31W 9-0
8th January 2016FridayHomeBeeston Fields 21L 3-6
8th February 2016MondayAwayByron 21W 6-3
4th March 2016FridayHomeRolls Royce 11L 2-7

Results 2014/2015

10th October 2014Mixed 1HBingham 42AW 5-4
14th November 2014Mixed 1HMapperley Park 22AW 7-2
14th December 2014Mixed 1AEast Leake 12AW 7-2
23rd January 2015Mixed 1HChilwell 12AW 9-0
20th February 2015Mixed 1AUniversity 32AL 4-5
20th March 2015Mixed 1HSouthwell 12AW 8-1