Mixed Second

After promotion in 2015/2016 season. Mixed Second stepped up to the challenge of Division 2, winning half of their match’s and consolidating their place in the Division during the 2016/2017 season. Next season Mixed Second will be looking to hold their own in the division, while looking to challenge for promotion.

Results and Fixtures 2017/2018

4th OctoberMixed 2HomeCarlton 32A7-2
6th OctoberMixed 2HomeChillwell 22A9-0
25th OctoberMixed 2AwayMapperley Park 32A8-1
28th OctoberMixed 2AwayCrusader 12A8-1
23rd FebruaryMixed 2HomeBoots 12A
28th MarchMixed 2AwayBingham 42A

Final League Table 2016/17

16-17 Mixed 2

Results and Fixtures 2016/2017

21st OctoberMixed 2HomeByron 22A5-4
19th November Mixed 2AwayBoots 12A6-3
9th DecemberMixed 2HomeCrusader 12A2-7
16th DecemberMixed 2HomeMapperley Park 22A3-6
17th FebruaryMixed 2HomeBingham 42A3-6
17th MarchMixed 2AwayChilwell 22A8-1

Results and Fixtures 2015/2016

2nd October 2015FridayHomeChilwell 33AW 7-2
16th October 2015FridayHomeMapperley Park 43AW 7-2
11th December 2015FridayHomeRushcliffe Arena 13AW 7-2
19th January 2016TuesdayAwayUnity 13AW 0-9
12th February 2016FridayHomeBeeston Valley 13AW 6-3
18th March 2016FridayHomeBoots 33AW 6-3

Results 2014/2015

24th October 2014Mixed 2HUniversity 42BL 1-8
24th November 2014Mixed 2AByron 32BW 5-4
5th January 2015Mixed 2APhoenixwood 12BL 1-8
28th January 2015Mixed 2AMapperley Park 12BL 3-6
27th February 2015Mixed 2HBeeston Valley 12BL 1-8
27th March 2015Mixed 2AChilwell 22BL 1-8