Ladies’ First

Last season our Ladies First team managed to again consolidate their place in the First Division.

Next season Ladies First are looking at pushing for promotion to the Premier Division.

Results and Fixtures 2021/2022

25th FebruaryFridayLadiesHChilwell 19:007-2
11th MarchFridayLadiesHBoots 119:009-0
11th AprilMondayLadiesAMapperley Park 219:005-4
29th AprilWednesdayLadiesHCrusader 19:007-2
30th AprilTuesdayLadiesASt. Giles 119:009-0
13th MayFridayLadiesHBeeston Fields 319:004-5

Results and Fixtures 2019/2020

23rd OctoberWednesdayLadiesAMansfield Oaktree7pm3-6
17th JanuaryFridayLadiesHBingham 37pm4-5
2nd FebruarySundayLadiesARolls Royce7pm1-8
9th FebruarySundayLadiesABoots6pm8-1
20th MarchFridayLadiesHChilwell7pm
27th MarchFridayLadiesABeeston Fields 36:30pm

Final League Table 2018/19

18-19 Ladies

Results and Fixtures 2018/2019

12th OctoberFridayHomeLadiesCrusader16-3
26th OctoberFridayHomeLadiesMapperley Park 115-4
21st NovemberWednesdayAwayLadiesMapperley Park 217-2
23rd JanuaryWednesdayAwayLadiesBingham 212-7
15th FebruaryFridayHomeLadiesBoots14-5
13th MarchWednesdayHomeLadiesChillwell13-6

Final League Table 2017/18

17-18 Ladies 1

Results and Fixtures 2017/2018

20th OctoberLadies 1HomeChilwell 116-3
10th JanuaryLadies 1HomeMansfield Oaktree14-5
15th JanuaryLadies 1AwayBeeston Valley17-2
2nd MarchLadies 1HomeBeeston Fields14-5
21st MarchLadies 1AwayBingham 316-3
20th AprilLadies 1HomeMapperley Park 215-4

Final League Table 2016/17

16-17 Ladies

Results and Fixtures 2016/2017

4th NovemberLadiesHomeRushcliffe Arena27-2
30th NovemberLadiesAwayMapperley Park 225-4
6th JanuaryLadiesHomeBeeston Fields 327-2
22nd JanuaryLadiesAwaySt. Giles 229-0
6th FebruaryLadiesAwayBeeston Valley 125-4
3rd March LadiesHomeMapperley Park 329-0
31st March LadiesAwayChilwell 227-2

Results and Fixtures 2015/2016

30th October 2015FridayHomeMapperley Park 11L 2-7
26th November 2015ThursdayAwayForest 21L 2-7
29th January 2016FridayAwayChilwell 11W 5-4
26th February 2016FridayHomeBeeston Fields 21L 4-5
23rd March 2016WednesdayAwayBingham 21L 5-4

Results 2014/2015

6th October 2014LadiesABeeston Valley 12W 5-4
7th November 2014LadiesHChilwell 22W 5-4
16th January 2015LadiesHBingham 32W 6-3
30th January 2015LadiesHBeeston Fields 22W 5-4
8th February 2015LadiesAForest 22L 3-6
13th March 2015LadiesHCrusader 12W 8-1