Men’s Second

After the league restructure for the 2018/2019 season, Men’s Second managed to secure their place in Division 3 by a strong 3rd place finish.

Next Season Men’s Second will be looking to push for promotion to division 2.

Results and Fixtures 2021/2022

23rd JanuarySundayMens 2ARolls Royce 219:004-5
15th FebruaryTuesdayMens 2AChilwell 119:006-3
24th FebruaryThursdayMens 2ABoots 119:002-7
10th MarchThursdayMens 2AForest 319:003-6
8th AprilFridayMens 2HSt. Giles 119:004-5
20th MayFridayMens 2HEast Leake 119:003-6

Results and Fixtures 2019/2020

20th OctoberSundayMens 2ABoots 26pm6-3
1st NovemberFridayMens 2HSt Giles 27pm6-3
28th NovemberThursdayMens 2ANaseeb 28pm5-4
10th JanuaryFridayMens 2HMapperly Park 37pm3-6
19th JanuarySundayMens 2ASt Giles 36:15pm6-3
28th FebruaryFridayMens 2HSouthwell 17pm

Final League Table 2018/19

18-19 Mens 2

Results and Fixtures 2018/2019

14th OctoberSundayAwayMens 2St Giles 235-4
4th JanuaryFridayHomeMens 2Forest 436-3
22nd FebruaryFridayHomeMens 2David Lloyd Aspley37-2
4th MarchMondayAwayMens 2Beeston Valley 133-6
24th MarchSundayAwayMens 2Boots 235-4
5th AprilFridayHomeMens 2Chilwell 134-5

Final League Table 2017/18

17-18 Mens 2

Results and Fixtures 2017/2018

3rd NovemberMens 2HomeBeeston Fields 33B5-4
26th NovemberMens 2AwayBoots 33B7-2
12th DecemberMens 2AwayUnity3B4-5
12th JanuaryMens 2HomeForest 43B6-3
4th FebruaryMens 2AwayEast Leake 23B7-2
16th MarchMens 2HomeBeeston Valley 23B9-0

Final League Table 2016/17

16-17 Mens 2

Fixtures and Results 2016/2017

14th OctoberMens 2HomeNaseeb 22B8-1
2nd DecemberMens 2HomeSouthwell 22B3-6
12th JanuaryMens 2AwayForest 32B4-5
10th FebruaryMens 2HomeByron 22B6-3
13th MarchMens 2AwayMapperley Park 22B0-9
18th MarchMens 2AwayCrusader2B1-8

Results 2015/2016

9th October 2015FridayHomeSouthwell 12BL 4-5
7th January 2016ThursdayAwayForest 32BL 0-9
5th February 2016FridayHomeRolls Royce 32BW 5-4
4th March 2016FridayAwayMapperley Park 22BL 7-2
1st April 2016FridayHomeCrusader 12BW 5-4

Results 2014/2015

3rd October 2014Mens 2HSouthwell 23BW 6-3
5th November 2014Mens 2AMapperley Park 33BW 5-4
28th November 2014Mens 2HRolls Royce 33BL 3-6
14th December 2014Mens 2AKimberley 13BW 5-4
19th December 2014Mens 2HDavid LLoyd Aspley 13BW 9-0
9th March 2015Mens 2AByron 33BW 8-1