First Mixed v Bingham 4 – 10th October 2014: 5-4 Carlton Win!

Mixed 1 got their season under way with a home game against Bingham 4. With Adam unavailable Glenn got the call up to play with Jess M. Glenn who last season played 3rd mixed managed to settle the nerves against the Bingham’s first pair coming from behind in both games to win in 2 (21-13, 21-19). Their next game was against Bingham’s 3rd pair, with the new partnership having found their feet, Jess and Glenn managed to carry on their good run of form and win in 2 once again (21-13, 21-16). Finally they had to play Bingham’s 2nd pair, with the match tied at 3-3, knowing that Carlton needed 2 out of the remaining 3 rubbers they stepped up. With the confidence really flowing for Jess and Glenn they had the chance to seal the match, and yet again they won convincingly in 2 (21-8, 21-10) to win the all important 5th rubber. Overall a great night for this newly established partnership, not dropping a game and seeming to gel very well.
Our second pair was Jess C and John. Having played last season together in 2nd Mixed and playing well in that team, they both got given the call up to 1st Mixed, could they continue their form? Their first game was against Bingham’s 2nd pair, they started off well taking the first game 21-11. Then after the change of ends Bingham came out fighting, just edging Jess and John out to 17. With the rubbers tied at 1 – 1 it went to the decider. At the half way point Bingham were just in the lead (11-9). Unfortunately for Jess and John they couldn’t catch Bingham, who managed to extend their lead and win 21-15 and take the rubber 2-1. Next up was Bingham’s 1st pair, with the frustrations from the previous game still visible Jess and John couldn’t find their winning form from earlier and lost in 2, although they came very close in the 2nd but to no avail (12-21, 19-21). After a long sit off and knowing Carlton had won the match could this help Jess and John? They went close in the first but just lost out and then could not find the spark to their game and lost again in 2 (18-21, 13-21). So a frustrating night for Jess and John but they will be looking to bounce back in the next match.

Our 3rd pair was Hollie and David. This was a new pairing, with Hollie having played 1st mixed last season while David played 2nd mixed last year with an odd run out in 1st mixed. They started off against Bingham’s 3rd pair, knowing that the match was tight (1-1) they knew they that need to get off to a good start. It was a close encounter with Hollie and David just edging the first 21-19, they went back on with confidence and managed to keep their momentum going and took the second 21-11. Next was Bingham’s 2nd pair, with the confidence from winning their first game they hoped to keep their form going but didn’t quite manage to get going and lost the first 11-21. After the turnaround they fought back in the second to take it 21-15. So it was down to the 3rd game, the decider. At the half way point there was nothing in it with Bingham slightly ahead (11-10). Unfortunately Hollie and David couldn’t quite get the better of their opponents and lost 21-18. Next was Bingham’s 1st pair with the match tied at 3-3, knowing that Carlton needed 2 out of the remaining 3 rubbers, Hollie and David managed to find their form from their 1st game and won in 2 (21-15, 21-16). So a good nights work for Hollie and David, with a little set back in the middle they remained strong and positive to overcome their disappointment to take 2 out of 3, a good start to the new partnership.

Overall a hard fought 5-4 win to get the season under way for Mixed 1, next up Mapperley Park 2.