Men’s Second v. Boots First – 17th Jan 2014 : 8-1 Carlton Win!

Second Men’s put on a show tonight beating Boots 8-1! But for severe cramp hitting Chris against the last pair it could easily have been 9 – 0!

Old hands Martin and John took all three of their rubbers without dropping a game, coming from 12-17 down in a game to win 21-17.

Aidan and Matt (making his Men’s Second debut no less) also took their three rubbers, besting Martin & John’s recovery when fighting back from 12-19 down to win 26-24!

Last minute man Phan left us all on tenterhooks as he navigated the city’s bus system. Once safely at Carlton, however, he and Chris decided to best the previous pairings’ recoveries by losing the first game of each rubber. Disaster struck in the last game, however, when Chris went down with severe cramp. Though determined to play on after rigorous stretching and heat the pair were forced to concede.

The Seconds are back in action next week against Southwell Centre at home, Southwell visiting after Second Mixed travel to them on Sunday.